Hello, I am Pooja!

I am type designer, typographer and letterer with a focus on Indian scripts. After working as a graphic designer for a year, I studied typeface design at the University of Reading in 2011. Afterwards, I interned with the fonts team at Apple. Since then, I have contributed to typeface projects for GNOME, Google Fonts, and the Access to Knowledge programme at the Centre for Internet & Society, along with working on lettering commissions for the Coovum Art Festival, ThePrint and Fanta among others. I have also taught at several design schools in India — National Institute of Design; Srishti School of Design, Art and Technology; Pearl Academy; and Indian Institute of Art & Delhi.



Verve / Type Cast
A short interview about my multilingual work, design approach and future plans.

Scroll.in / Indian streets are ruled by charming homegrown fonts
A feature on my 36 Days of Type project about Indian street lettering.

Adobe Create Magazine / 10 Women Type Designers
Was featured in this article showcasing ten women type designers from across the world and selected work from them.

AIGA Eye on Design / Type Tuesday
Angela Reichers interviewed me about Guru Gomke, a Santali typeface I designed for Centre for Internet and Society.

Make in India
I was interviewed for Condé Nast Traveller’s publication Make in India about type design, side projects and what it means to make in India.


India Street Lettering
On India Street Lettering, I document street lettering and signage from India.

Newspaper Nameplate Archive
For five years, I have been collecting newspapers from around India and the world. The collection has been slowly making its way to Flickr.

The Ballot
Co-created with Nirbheek Chauhan, The Ballot is a collection of visualisations about the working of democracy in India.

Bangalore Typerventions
Experimental lettering from everyday materials to spell meaningful messages in Bangalore's public spaces.

Roads of Delhi
An ongoing project to research and document what the roads in Delhi are named after.